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ARTUR Design is not a simple workroom, but a mixture of passion for interior design, uninterrupted care, passion for innovation and quality materials. What makes us so special?    Nothing but the very fact that we are young, creative and exuberant, and our ideas move freely. Our product is apt both for living rooms than restaurants. The rest is just talk.

ARTUR is a butler par excellence! A servant in white gloves whose presence, besides making a room unique and original, it is also really helpful.
ARTUR, with its stylized design, is the first creation to come out of our workshop, completely realized in birch wood and refined with special watercolour paints.
It could be personalized on request, selecting from a large models and colours range, or creating a model in personal taste.


The idea of making ARTUR came to me in 2002, while I was having a party with some friends.
Everyone was wandering around with his glass and plate in his hands, and that’s it! A imaginative idea lights me up: we needed to create a small table, nice and with an original shape but at the same time which had a versatile function. That night ARTUR was born.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items