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Quinti seatings are born in the heart of Tuscany! A generous land, where history, art and work are intertwined and can be re-read in the positive activity 'of the people. Tuscany has always proposed its own way of life and culture with respect and attention to the needs of others. The tradition, the culture of work and the things "done well" are found in our daily work, in our philosophy and in our chairs. Quinti is tradition, passion and innovation!


Quinti was founded in 1975 by the will 'of its founder for iron and sheet metal working. In the first years of its activity Quinti operates the major companies furnishing service for office and home by providing design and operational support and maturing so deep industry experience. At the beginning of the 90's strongest of the acquired knowledge, Quinti begins to produce chairs for third account and a little later comes the first real collection of Quinti armchairs. Today the company is certified VISION ISO 9001 and EN 14001, it continues to internally produce the metal frames for chairs and sofas, and can boast a complete production process from sewing to packaging.


The quest for quality is not a goal but the principle that inspires our every daily action. From the selection of raw materials to processing mode, from the management to delivery each stage of our activity is lived with commitment, professionalism and transparency, always putting the customer service experience and tradition acquired over the years. Fifths can 'boast the certification ISO 9001 and Vision 100% Original Italian Quality.


The reputation of a company does not depend exclusively on the financial results achieved, but above all by the task management mode. We apply all our experience, to promote active protection of the environment, taking into account already in the initial stage of the creation and development of the product, all the variables so that a burden as possible on environmental resources. The leadership is expressed by operating responsibly in social and environmental terms, to offer services and products that last over time.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items