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Doimo - The most important Italian group in the furnishing sector.

This means to be able to count on productive and to the state - of - art and up to date technologies, on a search of technical - designed materials and solutions to the highest levels, on a constant touch with the best architects and designers, besides on the best relationship between quality and price.A quality recognized everywhere.

Besides the Authorized Retailers, you can find the "Doimo Group" products on the pages ot the most important magazines of furnishing and also in fien hotels and shops, in offices and community. Everywhere the lasting and functionality of the furnishings assume a fundamental importance. A success that represents a further warranty of quality.

A well planned distributionb on the territory allows the Retailes to be present all over Italy, to bring to your own house the products and the most functional projects and to offer the best service of counselling and after - sale care. True points of reference for you.

Immedialte contact with quality. The home furnishing at 360 degrees. The range of furnishing products offered by the "Doimo Group" companies is really the widest you can imagine. The customer can really find everything he need in order to "dress" his own house. Up ti date products, built with care according to the rules which guarantee the best quality.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 44 items