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OFFICINANOVE creates innovative elements for contemporary living. We design lights, accessories and objects that trigger your need for functionality in a world that constantly changes. We are inspired by the constantly evolving needs of everyday life, both in taste and in efficacy. Our product range finds itself at the intersection of craftsmanship and the modernity of industrial production. 

Our products are the result of the stylistic categories of these two worlds: the practical efficiency on the one hand, and the emotional dimension, on the other hand. With our design products, we bring both efficiency and emotion to your daily lives. We make your lifestyle simpler and smarter, adding the right dose of color and a consistent attention to detail. 

Our story as a design brand began in 2009. Back then, our production environment was that of a steel factory based in Tuscany, a sub- supplier of Piaggio, which – we are sure you have heard of it – is the world famous manufacturer of Vespa motorcycles. The ninth workshop where the first Vespa was built is what gave us inspiration for our brand name: OFFICINANOVE, in Italian, means ‘workshop number nine’. A strong competence in metalwork, technology and design, and a genuine passion for innovation, led us to start an independent production focused on home contract furnishing and objects.

OFFICINANOVE rapidly increased its diffusion with a remarkable commercial success, and with a relevant visibility on PR and media channels. In December 2012, the company was acquired by Onfactory S.r.l., which set up the new supply chain around the vibrant headquarter based in Genoa, Italy. Today we are a well- known design brand, fond of making your homes work with great aesthetics for curious, innovative minds. Like yours.

We believe that things change: rapidly, surprisingly, inevitably. We believe that our lifestyles should smartly adapt to the unescapable flow of time and to the constant evolution of objects and materials, of needs and wishes, of possibilities and expectations. We strive to make change foreseeable, less scary and way more amazing. Therefore, we strive to make innovation fit your homes in the coziest way. 

We believe that innovation requires a whole-hearted attitude to life. We want to give a friendly, smooth and memorable shape to those objects, which constitute a relevant part of your daily lives. We want to facilitate the purpose and enhance the meaning of your recurrent home activities, giving color and ease to them. Finally, we believe in simplicity, because that is the place where great efficacy lives.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 28 items