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Geelli offers emotional and functional objects, which combine their being tasty to their functional use, using the natural adhesive properties of polyurethane gel, and its technical sense, the tactile and visual pleasure, the transparency of color, to give a touch of personalization to the environment, from bathroom to bedroom for the children.

The phenomenon of the polyurethane gel is the one of the “shape memory”, which lets the material respond to the deformation, returning to the initial shape.

The polyurethane gel induces pleasant sensations to the touch, it has an opalescent or semitransparent aspect, it can be easily coloured. It’s extremely flexible, resistant, durable and very elastic, and perfectly suits the shapes of the human body, correctly distributing the different pressures and absorbing any eventual shock, thus increasing the quality of the use of the products.

Provided in any colour, non-toxic, this material is ideal, too, for all those public spaces where comfort and safety are fundamental requirements.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items